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Weight Management Aberdeen

  The aim of the weight management clinic is to achieve effective long-term weight management and maximise health.  It is clear that longterm weight loss, even if moderate, is more beneficial to health and wellbeing than dramatic short term weight loss. The Aberdeen Clinic offers a balanced approach to weight management, using only techniques and programs which are proven to work.

To summarise or aims are:
• To set achievable weight loss targets.
• To use a combination of behavioral, physical and dietary methods to achieve a sustainable weight loss.
• To provide the best available medical and surgical support to more complex obesity and weight problems.

By providing all services from simple support and monitoring through complex dietary and psychological treatments to surgery The Aberdeen Clinic can ensure the optimal treatment for everyone.

Weight Management Services
The initial assessment is designed to determine an individual’s weight management needs i.e:
1. The starting point with regards to both health and weight issues.
2. The desired weight end point. 
3. Establish a plan as to how to achieve the desired weight endpointWeight management programs with medical support options

We offer only evidence based programs which deliver on longterm weight management.
Each program is based on the individual's requirements and include: basic supportive treatment, lifestyle and behavioural therapy, drug therapy and surgery.

Follow-up support
The important aspect of any meaningful weight management is maintenance of long-term targets.  Our support teams will help ensure that patients not only reach their goals but also keep to them.

Assessment Process
The initial assessment is designed to determine weight management needs. It is important to establish the following:
1. The starting point with regards to both health and weight issues.
This will involve:
• Establishment of known co-existing diseases
• Determination of risk factors for the development of diseases

2.The desired weight end point.
This will be established from:
• Medical recommendations / requirements
• Patient expectations

3. Establish a plan as to how to achieve the desired weight endpoint.
The options for the initial assessment are:
• Online
• Nurse led clinic assessment
• Full Medical assessment

Weight Management Programs
Minor Weight Issues
Patients with minor weight issues, in whom there are no medical or employment requirements to loose weight, will receive advice on healthy eating, optimal weight targets and the option of monitoring of their weight reduction regimen. They may opt to follow their own dietary regimen or join a slimming club / Gym. The emphasis is upon an overall healthy life style with a sensible approach to diet.

Basic (5-10%) Weight loss requirement
For failed dieters or those with a definite target of a 5-10% reduction in their weight the basis of treatment will be the Counterweight life style and behavior program. This is a fully evaluated evidence based program designed to teach individuals to balance eating habits with activity levels. It is based on a 12 month program.

Pharmacological Treatments
The basic Counterweight program maybe augmented with pharmacological treatments i.e. Orlistat after 3 months if there has been a failure to achieve or maintain a 5% weight loss.

Advanced Weight loss requirement
For people requiring greater weight loss (i.e >15%) it is likely that the basic lifestyle and behavioural regimens will not be adequate. Surgery is clearly an option and recommended for individuals with a BMI >40kg/m2 or >35kg/m2 with co-morbidities (National Institute for Health and clinical Excellence 2006), however many people would not consider surgery. The Counterweight plus program offers a clinically proven alternative utilizing a total diet replacement with a structured program of food reintroduction.

Surgical or endoscopic treatment will be available for individuals following a detailed assessment of risk / benefit provided they fulfill recognized international criteria i.e NICE 2006 and SIGN 2010 i.e.
• BMI>35kg/m2
• Presence of one or more obesity related comorbidities

In addition such patients should have completed a structured weight management programme with no resulting long-term benefit in terms of weight and
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