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NHS Services

NHS Services

We work with trusts, hospitals, CCGs and health boards to provide the service you want, where and when you want it.

This may involve using spare capacity within existing facilities (in-sourcing) or running individual units in parallel with the acute sector (out-sourcing). TAC provides a service which is bespoke to each site and situation but we follow a similar implementation pathway in all:

Every situation is different for example there may be an excessive backlog of patients waiting for clinics, or alternatively large numbers waiting for procedures. Similarly the causes may differ between different sites and at different times for example a mis-match between demand and capacity within individual departments, while in others it may be the introduction of new services which places excessive demands on services. We will find out from you what the problem is and how best we can help.

In the next phase we will liaise with the local stakeholders to ensure all local pathways and procedures are integrated into our offering and provide a detailed delivery plan, including timescales and reporting structure.

We will ensure all local policies are understood by staff and key staff will visit for orientation as required. Our internal HR system will track the orientation and compliance of staff with essential policies for example IT security.

Our team will commence work at the agreed time and will deliver a high quality service as part of your overall service.

In 4 years TAC has never cancelled a session in any speciality.

We will constantly audit and report on national and local performance indicators, including patient satisfaction. We will use this to improve our service and also report back.


As a clinically run company for TAC everything revolves around providing the highest quality of care to our patients.

For all of our services we work with staff who are part of the specialist medical community and are already immediately involved with the delivery of that specialty – as such there is an immediate investment with existing services and a seamless integration.

TAC has a national team of endoscopists, nurses, decontamination staff and administrators allowing us to deliver GI endoscopy both on an ongoing and ad-hoc basis to suit demands. This can include:

  • Urgent referrals
  • Routine diagnostic and outpatient therapeutic procedures
  • Surveillance and waiting list support
  • Bowel screening

In the last year TAC performed in excess of 9,000 gastrointestinal endoscopy procedures. This was achieved with excellent levels of patient satisfaction and GRS rating scores.

TAC delivered bowel screening for the States of Guernsey for 2 years and has delivered endoscopy services to 5 health boards in Scotland and in England.

Our team of surgeons includes some of the country’s leading specialists in hernia, laparoscopic and colorectal surgery. Through this network we ensure that all of our teams are subjected to the highest levels of governance so that commissioners can be certain patients are treated to the standards they expect.

Together with our team of nurses and anaesthetics our general surgical network is able to provide support in all subspecialty fields to the highest levels.

TAC has been continuously running general surgery lists every weekend for the last year.

In the last quarter TAC undertook an additional 200 general anaesthetic cases. Continuous monitoring of outcomes and participation in M&Ms has ensured low complication rates and constant improvement in the service.

TAC also runs weekday lists on a regular basis.

TAC has a team of orthopaedic surgeons, anaesthetics and theatre nurses available for waiting list support work in all appropriate sub-specialities.

In the last year we have been running an orthopaedic trauma list continuously during week days.

TAC has a team of urologists, anaesthetists and theatre nurses available for waiting list support work for out-patient, diagnostic or theatre sessions.

In the last year we have been running minor urology theatre sessions continuously during week days.

TAC has a national network of consultant anaesthetists able to support the delivery of surgical services.

TAC’s team of consultants, audiologists and specialist nurses allows us to support a full range of ENT services from initial assessment through to treatment and follow-up.

TAC have been running outpatient and operating sessions across a number of health boards in Scotland.

TAC has a strong team of maxillo-facial surgeons and specialist nurses which have allowed us to provide outpatient and surgical specialities to a number of health boards.

TAC’s team of gastroenterologists are able to provide out-patient support for clinics as well as undertaking endoscopy sessions.

TAC’s team of dermatologists and surgeons are able to provide out-patient and minor surgical support.

We have been providing services both at weekends and during the week within Scottish Health Boards.

Pathology services are often stretched and unable to cope with the additional demand of extra activity. In such cases TAC can increase capacity by providing additional pathology services.

TAC works with Cellular Pathology Services who have been providing fully managed histopathology service to the NHS and independent sector for 15 years.

CPS provide the highest quality services from their own CQC and ISO 15189:2012 accredited laboratories. We are able to provide a report within 72 hours in 90% of cases. TAC and CPS provide a fully audited courier service for the collection of specimens.