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  The Aberdeen Clinic is a flexible and responsive provider of the highest quality solutions to NHS waiting list problems. We have a proven track-record in reducing waiting lists and providing additional capacity for the NHS.

The services delivered are unique to every situation but with a clinical ethos at the heart of the organisation, the key components are always:

Providing true additional capacity
We work with local teams to bring appropriate specialist staff to your hospital when they are needed. This maybe at weekends or outside normal working hours or alternatively, integrated into the normal weeks activity.

By ensuring that we integrate our services into your normal practice we ensure that we really do provide additional capacity rather than storing up problems for later!

Providing a cost efficient sustainable solution
Partnership working with the NHS means not only delivering first class services it also means ensuring that these are delivered at affordable and sustainable prices. Our expertise is in delivering solutions to waiting list problems and as such have a very high level of productivity. By using our own specialist staff we can deliver this and also control costs, so ensuring there is no excessive strain on hospital budgets.

Reducing the risks of delays
Delays leading to increasing waiting times frequently make newspaper headlines and can result in hefty financial penalties to hospitals. The true cost though is more often seen in increased patient anxiety and perhaps even poorer clinical outcomes. This is particularly pertinent to people awaiting repeat appointments and investigations when delays significantly increase the risks of missing the problems that surveillance was meant to detect.

By adding additional capacity into any system we allow local teams to meet targets and improve their services by targeting the areas where their expertise is required.

Delivering a service you can trust
The Aberdeen Clinic only use the highest quality of staff and we ensure that we constantly audit activity and outcomes in line with local and national standards. We promise that the care we deliver meets the high standards demanded by the NHS and that patient satisfaction is exceptional.

Waiting List Services
The Aberdeen Clinic team works in collaboration with NHS trusts to deliver a cost effective, below tariff, solution to waiting list problems.We provide specialist support to introduce additional capacity and reduce NHS waiting lists as follows:

• GI Endoscopy
• Minor surgery
• Anaesthetics
• Outpatient clinics
• Day case surgery
• Diagnostics
• Administration

Working with The Aberdeen Clinic
We work with Trusts to provide the service you want, where and when you want it. In most cases this involves using existing facilities - so reducing costs compared with outsourcing. It also allows individual Trusts to remain in control of their own patients.The problem to most healthcare providers is a mis-match between capacity and demand for clinical services. How this is manifested is different in every location therefore the Aberdeen Clinic provides a service which is bespoke to each site but we follow a similar pathway in all:

1. Understanding the problem
Every situation is different. In some places it is an excessive backlog of patients in others it is a chronic mis-match in demand compared with capacity, while in others it maybe the introduction of new services. We will find out what you what the problem is.

2. Draft proposal with indicative costs
Once the problem is defined we will propose likely solutions and indicate both timeframes for each and also indicative costs.

3. Liaison with local team to design service
In the next phase we will visit your unit and liaise with all the local stakeholders. We will ensure all local pathways and procedures are integrated into our offering and provide a detailed delivery plan.

4. Delivery
Our team will commence work at the agreed time and will deliver a high quality service as part of your overall service.

5. Feedback
We will constantly audit and report on national and local performance indicators. Including patient satisfaction. We will use this to improve our service and also report back to the Trust


If you would like to speak with one of our team about the services that the Aberdeen Clinic are able to provide please call 0333 014 3488.
Alternatively email: or contact us via our online enquiry form

To down load a brochure please click below:

1. Endoscopy waiting list

2. Clinician to clinician

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