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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Aberdeen

  There is increasing recognition of IBS as a distinct entity and with increased understanding a realisation that a number of treatments can be effective in improving outcomes. IBS is extremely common, affecting between 10-20% of adults. In each person the problem posed by IBS  is different, in some it is to exclude more clinically serious gastrointestinal disorders, while in others it is to resolve troublesome symptoms which may significantly interfere with quality of life.

The aim of the Aberdeen IBS clinic is to:
• Accurately diagnose IBS – ensuring that alarm symptoms are not missed.
• Provide effective and proven management tailored to individual requirements.
• Provide ongoing supportive treatment.

After a consultation and initial blood tests it is possible to split patients into three groups i.e:
• Typical IBS according to preset criteria. 
• Atypical symptoms
• Alarm symptoms.

Patients with alarm symptoms for more serious diseases will be investigated immediately, those with atypical symptoms will also have further investigations and either re- allocated to the IBS group or treated according to pathology encountered.

Although IBS is often longstanding it is important to remember that IBS does not cause any damage to the body. The symptoms that different people experience range from minor to very disabling therefore treatment should be individualised, i.e. some patients may not require any specific treatment other than ensuring the diagnosis is correct whereas others may be very limited in what they can do and do require treatment.

IBS is treated by a combination of:
• Lifestyle changes
• Dietary and nutritional changes
• Medications
• Probiotics
• Stress reduction

Our specialist team of doctors, dieticians and psychologists ensure that every patient receives the treatment they require.
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