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The Aberdeen Clinic
The Aberdeen Clinic
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The Aberdeen Health Card

  The purpose of the Aberdeen Clinic Health Card is to ensure access to the best and most appropriate specialists at a time to suit you where ever you are.

Although there is increased accountability within health there is still a considerable difference between access to clinics, investigations and treatment between different practitioners. There is also a large difference in how different individuals offer a service, in both the public and private sectors. How do we know that we are being seen by someone who values providing a service?

At the Aberdeen Clinic we believe that the individual needs of the patient should be central to all we do. Our principle is simple we care for patients the way we wish to be looked after ourselves.

What Does the Health Card Offer?
Priority access to consultants.
All of our network of consultants see patients with a minimum of delay (within 48hr).

Referral to the most appropriate specialists.
With increasing complexity of treatments it is important that the specialist seeing the patient is the best person for that particular problem. Our referral network will only include specialists fulfilling sub-specialty criteria.

Access to our network of approved consultants providing high quality service.
We will only recommend specialists that we know to be good at what they do, but in addition to be part of our network of consultants they must agree to audit and review of their results in an independent forum.

Help with dealing with insurance companies

It can be a daunting task dealing with insurers and at least it is time consuming. Our team of liaison will liaise with insurance companies to ensure smooth transition through the process.

Remote access to medical support

Email, Skype or phone access to a nurse led triage system which will allow GP consultations / specialist opinions and advise to be delivered on-line.
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