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Dr Tuya - General Practitioner
  Dr Tuya, General Practitioner
  I am a practicing GP with specialist interests in diabetes, nutrition and weight management. I have extensive research and clinical experience in safe evidence-based customised lifestyle/behavioural change for patients with complex medical conditions.

My career path began when I was involved in the National Health and nutrition survey and the management of patients with nutrition-related disorders in the Nutrition Centre in Mongolia. My MSc and PhD studies at the University of Aberdeen allowed me to deepen my knowledge in Nutrition and Human metabolism. During 2004-2006, I worked in the Nutrition out-patient clinic in Woolmanhill Hospital in Aberdeen. I was awarded a Primary Care Research Award by CSO, I carried out focus group studies in clinically overweight and obese adolescents and their family in the Healthy weight programme.

As a practicing GP, I actively promote healthy lifestyle and help my patients to achieve optimum weight safely by managing their existing medical comorbidities. I am a lead GP in Diabetes in my current practice. I enjoy hands on approach performing joint injections, acupuncture and electroacupuncture, and running a monthly minor surgery clinic at my practice.

I offer modern evidence-based Healthy Lifestyle and Nutrition coaching. It is an effective approach that customises individual dietary and exercise plans to patients following a thorough health and lifestyle/activity check-up. I focus on the importance of delicious food that nourishes body, reduces stress and boosts energy. Patients set and achieve realistic goals, learn how to overcome barriers to success and become motivated to achieve their ideal weight. Acupuncture is offered as an additional strategy to reduce stress and cravings.

I am passionate about the benefits of natural healthy foods, physical activity and holistic care by combining the best of Western medicine with evidence-based complementary medicine.
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  Alena Duncan, Business Manager   Ken Park, Clinical Director   Andrew Mackay, Director ofThe Aberdeen Clinic  
Alena Duncan
Business Manager
  Ken Park
Clinical Director
General Surgery & UGI
  Andrew Mackay
Director of
The Aberdeen Clinic
      Dawn Campbell, Senior Administrator      
      Dawn Campbell
Senior Administrator
Our Vascular Team
  Stuart Suttie, Consultant Vascular Surgeon   Alasdair Wilson, Consultant Vascular Surgeon   Rose Ross, Radiographer  
  Stuart Suttie
Consultant Vascular Surgeon
  Alasdair Wilson
Consultant Vascular Surgeon
  Rose Ross
  Paul Bachoo Tam Siddiqui
Paul Bachoo
Consultant Vascular Surgeon
Tam Siddiqui
Consultant Vascular Surgeon
Plastic Surgery
      Dr Alastair Lowrie   Thanassi Athanassopoulos  
      Dr Alastair Lowrie
Plastic Surgeon

Consultant plastic surgeon
Our Private GP Team
  Dr Tuya, General Practitioner Dr Malcolm Valentine
  Dr Tuya
General Practitioner
Dr Malcolm Valentine
General Practitioner
General Surgery
  Kenneth Park   Dr Lynn Stevenson      
Kenneth Park
Consultant endoscopist
  Dr Lynn Stevenson
Consultant General Surgeon
Women's Health
      Dr Sue Brechin      
Dr Sue Brechin
Consultant in Community Gynaecology, Sexual and Reproductive Health
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