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Ambulatory Care Specialists

  “Treatment when you want it. We provide rapid access to healthcare when you want to be seen”

At the Aberdeen Clinic you can benefit from many specialist services delivered on a walk-in-walk out basis.

Most specialist procedures have traditionally been delivered in hospitals but improved technology and better understanding of clinical processes has meant that this is no longer needed. Many procedures that were taking 2 or 3 days in hospital can be delivered as a day case without affecting the quality or safety of care.

The idea of ambulatory care can be readily applied to: diagnosis, treatment and recovery. More recently there has been the emergence of specialist emergency ambulatory units. The Royal College of physicians states:

“Systems will ensure ambulatory care patients continue to receive prompt specialist care aligned to their needs, maximising alternatives to acute hospital admission and improving safety, outcomes and experience of patients in ambulatory care.”

There are many advantages to this approach but generally they can be split into three headings:


There is no doubt that ambulatory care is delivered in a way that does not require the headache of a hospital admission. It is less time consuming and less stressful.

Ambulatory care allows patients to recover in the comfort of their own home or benefit from “one stop” diagnostic services.


As there are no requirements for hospitilisation the accommodation costs associated with hospital stays are abolished. In most cases this means that services can be delivered at a fraction of traditional costs – making private health care much more affordable.

Focus and Specialisation

Ambulatory care is delivered by specialists who are skilled in their own field - this ensures patients get treatment by the best person at a time of their choosing.

Clinical pathways have been developed to ensure that symptoms can be investigated promptly and treatment delivered in a timely fashion.

As ambulatory care is delivered on an out-patient basis it means that all care is focused on each individual with no competing clinical requirements, this results in better scheduling and patient focused care.

Specialist Ambulatory Clinics

• Minor surgery
• Gallstone clinic
• Rectal bleeding and ano-rectal problems
• Varicose veins
• Diagnostic endoscopy
• Irritable bowel clinic
• Allergy clinic
• Weight management clinic
• Immunizations
• Heartburn and reflux
• Physiotherapy
• Sports Injury

The Health Card

Fortunately, for most of us accessing healthcare is not something we do on a regular basis. So when it is required we are often ill at ease with the process and systems. The Health Card not only gives you access to the most appropriate specialists at a time of your choosing it also provides you with support at every stage. Alternatively it allows those in remote areas to access a system of expert advice and support.
Find out more about ‘The Health Card’
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Ambulatory Care Specialists
Treatment when you want it.
We are specialists in ambulatory care,
providing rapid access to clinics when you
need to be seen.
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