TAC Healthcare Group takes complaints very seriously and we aim to address these in a timely manner. If your complaint cannot be addressed immediately by a member of staff then this policy lays out the procedure for raising complaints and the process and timescales involved.

Raising a complaint

Complaints should normally be made within 6 months of an event or an incident or 12 months after finding out you have a reason to complain. If there is a good reason why this is not possible, and in exceptional circumstances, we may be able to extend this time limit, at our discretion and in discussion with you.

Concerns and complaints can be made verbally, in writing or by email.  If you make your complaint verbally, we will provide you with a written copy. You can phone us on 0333 0143 488.

All Incidents are reviewed by our Senior Management Team chaired by our Clinical Director and reported at board level.

Who to contact

You can raise your concern/complaint by completing our Speak Up Have Your Say Form which updates our Incident Log and is managed by our Quality & Compliance Team.

Alternatively, you can email our Quality & Compliance Team at QandC@tachealthcare.com or write to us at:

TAC Healthcare Group Ltd

Wellheads Crescent,

Wellheads Industrial Estate,

Dyce, Aberdeen AB21 7GA

What to include

To help us with your concern or complaint, please tell us

  • what your concern/complaint is about
  • what happened, where it happened and when it happened
  • who was involved
  • the names of any witnesses

Response times

  • All complaints will be acknowledged within three (3) working days.
  • A full investigation of the issues raised will be undertaken and progress reported to the complainant.
  • All those involved in the Complaint will have the opportunity to give their feedback.
  • The investigation will be undertaken by the Operational Manager/Director of Nursing who will put together a response within twenty (20) working days.
  • If the investigation of a complaint is going to exceed the twenty (20) working days identified in this policy, we will advise the complainant so that they are aware of the delay and reason for this delay.

A full report addressing the issues raised will be sent to the Complainant.

Unresolved issues

If you feel the issue remains unresolved, please write to the Chief Nurse at who will pass it on for further investigation by a senior member of the team as follows:

Chief Nurse

TAC Healthcare Group Ltd

Wellheads Crescent,

Wellheads Industrial Estate,

Dyce, Aberdeen AB21 7GA

We aim to address all complaints in a satisfactory manner but if you remain dissatisfied then we will try to work with you to provide an acceptable solution.

In some cases, it may be appropriate to have a face-to-face meeting between the parties to try and address the issues and identify a mutually satisfactory solution.

If, however, we are unable to resolve your complaint in a satisfactory manner you are entitled to raise this with an external regulator.

External Regulators

Complaints about the standard of care provided by:

  • a Medical Consultant should be directed to the General Medical Council


  • a Registered Nurse should be directed to the Nursing and Midwifery Council


Telephone: 020 7333 9333

Both above organisations have online complaints forms

Complaints about the standard of care provided in Scotland should be directed to:

Health Improvement Scotland

Independent Healthcare Team

Gyle Square, 1 South Gyle Crescent

Edinburgh EH12 9EB

Telephone: 0131 623 4342

Email: his.ihcregulation@nhs.scot

Find out more about raising a complaint through HIS here


We are always happy to receive compliments about the services we provide.

If you would like to compliment our service or a member of staff please complete our Speak Up Have Your Say Form.


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