• COVID-19 – Do antibody tests help us in the fight against Coronavirus?

    COVID-19 – Do antibody tests help us in the fight against Coronavirus?

    COVID-19 antibody tests

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  • COVID-19 Testing

    COVID-19 Testing

    Never have we been so proud of our team at TAC, everyone has worked their socks off over the last few months to provide COVID-19 testing. Their hard work encompassed with the amazing support from our clients, their patience and understanding, whilst we have worked to increase our testing capacity here in Aberdeen. We thank

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  • Meet our consultant surgeon Ken Park

    Throughout August at The Aberdeen Clinic thought it would be good to let you get to know the team. This week we are going to start with the boss, consultant surgeon Mr Ken Park.   The majority of the team have been with the clinic for a long time and the expanding family is always selected from people

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  • Looking after staff wellbeing in warm temperatures

    With summer upon us your staff wellbeing is important. Are your staff struggling with the warm temperatures?  Who is affected?  As employers we all know that productivity drops when we are subject to extreme temperature rises during the summer months. When looking at your staff wellbeing you need to remember that some employees are more vulnerable to exposure to

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  • Access to self-referral private healthcare

    It is commonplace to hear people talk about the lack of public healthcare and their ability to access GP services for onward referral. We want to make this process simple by allowing people to access self-referral services within private healthcare.   We understand that no one wants to be unwell and off work for long periods of

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  • Welcoming Mr Alistair Lowrie, Plastic Surgeon

    The Aberdeen Clinic (TAC) are pleased to welcome Mr Alistair Lowrie, Plastic Surgeon to their team of consultants. Alistair will be working within our plastic surgery clinic which aims to give you the best plastic surgery treatment and deliver our best practise promise. Here are Alistair’s words of wisdom: “Having plastic surgery is a big

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  • Cardiovascular assessments without a wait

    Cardiovascular disease (heart attacks, strokes and vascular disease) account for up to a third of all deaths in Britain and, although these conditions have always been common as we get older, more and more younger people are affected. What is striking is that up to half of the 150,000 deaths each year in the UK

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  • Does private healthcare offer value for money?

    It is an unfortunate fact that, as retirement looms, we are likely to make more use of the healthcare system. For many, this coincides with a need to decide whether to continue to pay for the private medical insurance (PMI) that had always been available through work.  Will this provide the best chance of staying

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  • The Truth About Carbs

    As a nation, we love eating carbs, and they are right at the heart of our diet. The problem is that with 63 per cent of UK adults now considered overweight or obese, many experts think that we are eating far too many wrong sorts of carbohydrate. Xand van Tulleken is a medical doctor and

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